Maitland Valley Cadets

Maitland Valley annual Council events.

Snow Derby is an all day outdoor event for SR boys ages 10 to 13. This event has various set events that the boys practice for through out the season.
Cadet-O-Rama is an all day indoor event for JR & SR boys ages 7 to 13. This event is for all boys in the Maitland Valley Council consisting of various events that are practiced during the Cadet season.
Both Snow Derby and Cadet-O-Rama test the boys knowledge and skills of practiced events and also help teach the boys the values of working in a team. We of course can not exclude the ever changing
Mystery Event(s) created by the hosting club.

Cadet Camporee is an event for Cadet ages 10 and up participated by Cadet clubs across North America.

Start up Meeting: September 11